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Online Mentor for Graduate Student Teaching and Part-time Lecturer, Dept. of Classics, Rutgers University; Part-time Faculty, Contra Costa College


I’m Kristina Chew, mother of a teenage son, Charlie, who’s on the severe end of the autism spectrum; a classics professor and translator of ancient Greek and Latin; a blogger, at My Son Has Autism/Autismland (2005-2008), Autism Vox (2006-08), (2008-09) and Care2 (2009-2014). I'm happily married to cultural historian James T. Fisher. I'm writing a book about Charlie and Greek and Roman literature and mythology.

As for what this blog---now called We Go With Him---is about, this post from 26 July 2005 entitled Autism: Not Exactly Heaven on Earth But Not a Daily Hell says it best.


Greek & Latin & Classics | poetry, literature | writing, translating | ocean | Greece | walking the long road with my best pals James Terence Fisher (cultural historian of American religion at Fordham University) & Charlie (most excellent [ἄριστος] young man, 40,000 mile-plus biker on both coasts)