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16 January 2006


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yes! of course you are extremely proud of charlie! i am too! i find it infuriating that at this point there isn't more ACCURATE information being put out to the public about what this disorder is and what it is NOT. dr. phil, shame on you. geez. but what am i saying? he's not even a DOCTOR. so i guess we can't expect him to care much about accuracy. asperger's isn't an emotional disorder or an anger disorder. some people with asperger's may get very angry at times; that's true of anyone. look at the underlying reason, dr. phil, look at what challenges may cause this. also, look at the fact that 100 people with asperger's are going to look 100 different ways. ugh. glad you're participating in that seminar so you can spread some truth. go kristina!


Damn! I had that Dr. P show recorded on my DVR and erased it before seeing it to make way for the History Channel's show on Lincoln's depression. Would have loved to have seen his riff on this. . . w/ his usual mixture of pity, amazement, and thinly veiled contempt.

As usual Kristina, your post rocks!


Oh wait! I was wrong! It's on today! I can see it. Thanks for the heads up!


Missed Dr. Phil. Did anyone watch?

Anger is not a word I would use ever to describe Andrew. I hate that word "extreme" too. Maybe a better word than anger is "frustration" because that is how I believe most kids with Asperger's feel when trying to understand some of the crazy things NT's do.


I don't know about you, Kristina, but I was sorely disappointed (and disgusted) at the Asperger's segment. What an obtuse view of the syndrome. In fact, it wasn't much of a view at all. We just saw a lot of Alex's rage. If I had parents yelling at me at the top of my lungs, I (an NT) would be slamming doors, too.

Dr. Phil sadly missed his chance to educate the public on something really profound.


I enjoyed reading your comments, and have included my analysis of the Dr. Phil segment from a Tourette's point of view.



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