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25 March 2006


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"Cassandra Affective Disorder" was invented as essentially a tool of aspie-bashing, IIRC.


If it's from FAAAS, it's definately aspie-bashing. Woe to them who have to deal with the autistic (dripping sarcasm).

And since when are those on the spectrum devoid of emotional expression, anyway?

Gr. I shouldnt click links first thing in the morning. Or at least should close the window when I see irritating organizations' URLs.


Maxine Aston is anything but a nice helpful woman, her name is on that Cassandra page.
ballastexistenz and Kassianne are right, it's Aspie bashing at it's worst.



oh, kristina, i know those moments--at least our version of them. "Watching someone you love as much as we love Charlie, suffer is to suffer something pretty painful." that is so very true. i am thinking of all of you this sunday evening and sending our best thoughts. i had the tiniest thought of how sometimes storms preceed enormous shifts and i wondered about that given charlie's great session, showing interest in those toys, great eye contact, etc...?


I don't want to start a big argument on such a lovely blog (Charlie is just great!), but having been diagnosed with Asperger's very recently (age 27), I do recognize a lot of what people around me has been (and are) going through. Not being able to give emotional support -which, though hard to admit, I am not most of the time- is something not to be underestimated! Thinking about all the (potential) friends I've lost by my not-understanding and non-supportness makes me rather sad. So, while I'm not claiming to have read everything on this FAAAS site, seeing things written down has helped me much to see the other side.

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