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24 September 2006


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Oh Charlie...sweet sweet Charlie.

This just went straight to my heart.


Eloquent & evocative, as usual Kristina :)


HOORAY for "Hi, Veronn ikka"!!!!

even from a very verbal guy, simple, unprompted, appropriate words spoken from the heart and mind at a time that makes sense feels monumental to this mom.

i see and honor and applaud where charlie is right now!!

Kristina Chew

Charlie and so much good cheer from all of you leave me speechless!


We (parents of autism) look for joy where we can find it. Surprises like this one are priceless!



Laura Cottington

I have serious goosebumps right now and big heart exploding with excitement for you. That is awesome! I can't imagine how happy you were to hear that Kristina!!!!!!!


A real milestone for your gorgeous little guy. I know exactly how you must be feelin' Kristina.
I am "cock a hoop"

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