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20 November 2006


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My mother in law has celiac disease. Now after many years on a gluten-free diet, she has become intolerant of rice and many other foods as well as gluten. Maybe the rice is giving Charlie a tummy-ache? Have you tried quinoa? Sincerely and Happy Thanksgiving.


Before we put our son on the Feingold Diet, he essentially refused to eat. But, armed with some better choices, he started to eat again.

Even if others say it is a complete sham, I figure if we are tricked by placebo such that our lives are easier and our boy is happier, then so be it! (But, I think there is more truth in it than a placebo.)

Diet is so tricky since so much socialization is done over food. Take away NT social skills and NT food choices, and gatherings are difficult to manage. :) But, we do it.


I am struck, again and again, about how fully and mindfully you listen to Charlie. And not simply with your ears. You and Jim listen with your whole selves. 'Tis a beautiful and rare thing, Kristina.

Wishing you the best for your whole family this thanksgiving.


Laura Cottington

Darn treats at school! Seems like that happens a lot to poor Charlie! The things we do that become a routine in our lives because of our kiddos need for routines. My "rice" is making tons of pancakes at the beginning of the week and freezing them, as that is Sam's vice. Our SLP is trained in an autism feeding program, of which we went through with her for 12 weeks this summer. To no avail, still back with the same foods.


Wow. Incredible journey with the food throwing. I've often wondered how that was going - such nice news to hear there's an answer. Phew!

So did Charlie eat the bagel and turkey? Does he like the HFS bread?

Leo, a fellow GFCF kid, goes thru phases for lunch and is currently anti-sandwich. He can't eat anything offered in the cafeteria and he can't use the microwave. So it's cold pasta, roll-ups, chili, chinese food (and sushi too like Charlie!) mostly.

But he'll sometimes eat bread baked from our bread machine with a HFS mix. Funny, we never used the machine that we got as a wedding gift. Who would've thought I'd be using it for my Autistic son's GFCF bread? It's been quite useful! But I never seem to remember to buy the stuff and find the time to do it. So, sans sandwich the days seem to be.


I am considering starting my son on GFCF, but here in Minnesota, the schools have to offer GFCF offerings if you have a note from the doctor saying that is what they need to eat

Kristina Chew

Very interesting, Sarah---we lived in St Paul when Charlie started on the diet. It's an interesting struggle to work on---needless to say, though, I much prefer it to strategizing how to help Charlie through really difficult behaviors (the SIBS he has had). I have tried Charlie on quinoa and will try again---he turned his nose up at it (I have acquired a taste for it---ate his leftovers).

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