You Travel, You Come Home (#595)
An Autism Parent's Fable (#597)

C-H-A-R-L-I-E (#596)

"See, aych, ay, are, ell, eye, ee!"
"What does it spell?" I asked.

Charlie fixed his eyes on the seven red capital letters on the cover of this book.


"Chah-lee!" With a smile and a twist to his shoulders that I'll have to call bashful.

I waited a few minutes; Jim came home. Charlie was still looking at the book cover with the furry beige caterpillar.

""See, aych, ay, are, ell, eye, ee!" said Charlie. Pause. "Chah-lee!"

Later, I said to Jim, "I think he read a word from a book for the first time ever......"


"What a guy," said Jim.

Charlie took the book, held tightly in his right hand, to bed.



Good for Charlie. Here's to the many more words that he will no doubt read. It will be cool for you to find out what his favorite books are in the future.


What a coincidence! "See, aych, ay, are, ell, eye, ee" is one of MY favorite words to read, too!


Way to go, Charlie!! :)


Oh wow...hurray for Charlie!

Laura Cottington

I have goosebumps!!!!!

Club 166

You know he's proud of himself.

And we are, too.

Hurray for Charlie, and his whole team!


Horray! All downhill from now on! It's shattering when it happens, because there's such a mismatch between the possible, probables and whens. Cheers



Rock on kiddo! First it's one word, then 5, then 15....and so many doors open...

Even if it stays 5-15, that's a lot better than zero.'s name is sure an important word to recognize...




Charlie, you are something special!!!!

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