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14 October 2009


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Well, I agree that he is QUITE handsome!

My boys didn't have the huge growth spurt that Charlie did -- they sort of inflated from the bottom up. I particularly remember the shoes, though -- Drummer Man's are size 12 1/2, I think, and have been since he was about 13.


My kids are doing the same thing- I think that I'm spending more on shoes than I ever have in my life, and for someone who used to be addicted to buying shoes, that's saying something. Fortunately we've only got about another 6 months until one girl will fit into my shoes...she's already eyeing my Converse longingly :-)

The growth spurts are definitely not an unmixed blessing though- we're now back to only having my son in the house when he's accompanied by worker(s) because of his strength, self-injury and aggression. It sure was nice to be able to see him by ourselves for 6 months...our workers were and are great, but it was a real treat to actually be able to spend time alone with him by ourselves. My fingers are crossed that we'll get back to that some day.


Wow... and last week when I went with an 11 year old client to buy new shoes, and he got a size 7.5, I thought those were big. Being that he's now only a half size smaller than me, I was the only one close to his size to test out his shoes when we noticed the cut on his foot when we got back from the shopping trip. These trips are working their way towards uneventful, which is a good thing, since it's not long till we'll be looking up to him as your are to Charlie.


We have the opposite problem with Nick. He's now under the 3rd percentile on the growth chart and had an x-ray to gauge his bone growth (he's 2 years behind.) We're setting up an appointment with an endocrinologist soon.
In some ways, it works to his advantage that people think he's younger than he is. I do have concerns for next year, though, when he begins middle school. He is edging toward more inclusion and, I assume, less close supervision and I worry about bullying since he's so tiny.


ah, I feel like I am looking through the looking glass into the future. So funny to hug my oldest with him eye to eye. (I am 5 ft, he is 9). Lately Bubba has gone from explosive-aggressive to explosive-crying. I much prefer him crawling into my lap, wedging his head under my arm, and prompting for hard hugs rather than the blocking etc.


He grew way too fast! And obviously this is just the start, he'll be wearing size 12 by the time he's 18. It must be a big adjustment for him to physically change so quickly, and for the parents too.

karen d

I agree -- tall or small, Charlie is a very handsome boy. I love seeing pictures of him. xo

Kristina Chew

Well, I have again to agree about Charlie being handsome! I am just wondering when the shoe size changes will stop. There was a time when I inherited Charlie's not very worn but flipflops (am size 5) but forget it now.


definitely handsome!!


Charlie is getting more and more handsome everyday!!

I have the exact opposite problem to Charlie.. Whilst I'm 5'5 1/2 I look several years younger then I am and need to buy children's shoes!

Kristina Chew

I have been known to buy a pair of children's shoes myself.......


It is interested to read the similarities and differences between Charlie and Andy. They are the same age and Andy is also tall for his age. I can still look him in the eye, but for how long? We have no spurts here just continual
growth where clothes are outgrown before they are worn. This is a good thing as we have Ryan to pass down clothes.

But I wonder if Charlie's school staff didn't feel he was outgrowing them physically? Andy's teacher is petite and I wonder how she deals with all the boys, most of them
are bigger than her. But there are some male staff teachers and aides just down the hall.

Sometimes Andy's size concerns
me. He has never been aggressive and I hope he never has to be. If he knew his stregnth...

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