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05 November 2009


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I enjoyed reading this. I was thinking just yesterday, that even though I kind of miss Dimitri's baby and toddler days, how much I enjoy his growing up. It's really nice to hear how Charlie is progessing as he heads towards his teens.

Club 166

Nice to hear you enjoyed a good day together.

I missed the white car post. Congrats!



We all know that the salad bar at Whole Foods is their entire profit margin! You certainly did the right thing in not picking this battle; Charlie got such a sense of control and connection when he could make his dainty choice, scoop it up, put it into a container, pay for it, and consume it within 5 minutes. And all this for only 5 cents! Priceless!


Maybe instead of W*hole F*oods being "too much" Charlie objected to it being "too crunchy."
I frequent the one near my home in Princeton and man oh man do they ever push the whole "we help the friendly little smiling indigenous people" vibe.
They do, however, have excellent products (including a brand of granola that I suspect my husband would run away to paris with, if he could) and they hire the disabled, or "differently abled," as they would probably say.

Bonnie Sayers (autismfamily)

Few yrs back Nick could not tolerate going to "Whole paycheck" due to the smells, but now he likes their bananas, grapes, soy pudding and cinnamon muffins. Matt likes the gluten free tortiall wraps that I got at a seminar & gave to teacher for Friday cooking.

Are the 4 guys the Wiggles? Nick still likes the Crocodile Hunter and the time he visited them.

How does Charlie react to your taking his pic often?

Kristina Chew

I would have spent 10 cents! what's a few more marshmallows.....

I've wondered about the "too crunchy" thing. Our Whole Foods doesn't seem to have that kind of vibe so much as the Trader Joe's we used to visit a lot did (and Charlie refuses to go to Trader joe's now, period; he likes the plain old grocery store best). Better on the pocketbook!

I've constantly taken photos of Charlie since he was little; always wanted to have lots of images of him for my family. I also take all of them to talk about with him, as a record of our daily activities. Seems to help to have him in the photo. Yes, it's the Wiggles (and of course Charlie has not been interested in any of their new CDs since there's now Sam not Greg; talk about a different sound).

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