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28 January 2010


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I'm glad you'll be looking homeward most of all, and I'm trying to do the same myself. Although there needs to be research and debate, the arguments and philosophies can end up distracting from what is right in front of us - our lives, our children.

Been looking at some iPad reviews, I'm wondering how sturdy it is (probably not sturdy enough).

I live in Greece but am learning more about Greek myths right here :) I was beating a pomegranate with a wooden spoon last night to get the seeds out and trying to remember their meaning in art.


You might be interested in the wide variety of Changeling myths dating from the Middle Ages. They primarily come from Celtic/German sources. http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/gerchange.html
The changeling, left by trolls or gnomes in the place of the "real" child, has a large head, staring eyes, and does nothing but eat, drink, sleep. Sometimes it smashes all the things in the house.

It's been hypothesized that the myth of the Changeling was a medieval rationale for autism. Kim Duff gave a paper on "The Role of Changeling Lore in Autistic Culture" presentation at the 1999 Autreat conference of Autism Network International.

sarah schuman

Kristina---- well said.

We need to have researchers and physicians focus on how to help treat our autistic children rather than trying to find a "cure or link". I know down the road they may find out what causes autism; however right now I need services and therapy suggestions for my son's "storms" and day to day living.

It always amazes me how many people who find out that my son is autistic ask if he has been vaccinated. I have forced myself to look forward rather than backwards and continue on the journey of taking care of my son.

Yes, there will and are huge bumps in the road, but focusing our energy on "repair" work is what is needed right now, today in the moment. What I mean by repair is getting though the next few minutes to the next couple of hours----.
Enjoy living in the moment....many dont choose to do that! :)


Nice post, Kristina. Atrophy of all that is good and decent seems endemic in our society now.


I was going to add my two cents about the "changeling" myth but I see Louise beat me to it.
One thing I like about the Demeter/Persephone myth is that the "blame" for Persephone's disappearance is not laid on her mother but on an outside agency, one that neither mother nor child caused or "Invited," if we're talking about the Lord of the Underworld, either real or metaphorical.
It's true that autism is on the rise, alarmingly so. SOMETHING is causing it and if it's not refrigerator mothers or vaccines then what is it? Our world is full of chemicals and poisons. Our meat is pumped full of hormones and our bread is full of preservatives. In our greed and ignorance we have been very cruel to our mother earth, or Gaia, if you prefer.
Something needs to be done to prevent any further breakdown in the health of our planet.


"How did we let ourselves get so caught up in this controversy that, as it's gradually developing, indeed has less and less to do with autism?"

No kidding.

Good thoughts. I like those photos of you and Charlie and hearing about your day. Ours was good too. Hope tomorrow is as well.
Warm regards.


I'm with you...I'll push for looking at the atrophied legs rather than the broken little toe. There are so many things wrong with the way society deals with autism; we are but maggots arguing over the elephant carcass...

Kristina Chew

....flies buzzing round the dead horse of Athens, to quote someone famous........


Umm, ain't Ceres in there somewhere? I like cereals, when I can't afford meat and vegetables.

Kristina Chew

Yup, Ceres = Demeter, among the Romans.

I'm one of those "autism and genetics" persons and think better diagnosis and more understanding, and a cultural climate that is more accepting about disability and difference, have much to do with the increase in the autism rate.


I've been somewhat wary of the changeling stories when applied to autism---one reason why I became less sure about writing about the Demeter/Persephone myth.


---and here's Amanda Baggs on the topic of "changeling stereotypes":


I've been tempted to buy some pomegranate seeds (already beaten out of the fruit) a few times but then I've been leery of the stains! As for the iPad, there's a lot of sticky fingers around here (leaving some artful smudges on this laptop screen), wonder if that would gum up the works.....

Liz Ditz

Your usual lovely and evocative post.

If you want an exhaustive list of blog posts on the Wakefield decision, both from folk continuing to support Wakefield and those lauding the GMC verdicts, come on over to my blog.

I don't know if you read Bev at Asperger's Square 8 very regularly. Today's post is on the topic of curing autism. I found it very moving.

Liz Ditz

Oops. I see that imbedded links don't work.

My Wakefield roundup post:


Bev's post


Kristina Chew

In my fantasy autism blogger panel, AspergerSquare8 is a top pick!

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