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31 January 2010


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"It was a plain and simple nice day. Granted, we didn't do anything controversial or out of the ordinary. But there's something to be said for learning how to be, quietly, peaceably."

To be frank, those are my favorites [Our internet service died a day - bliss]. Out of the ordinary? Okay on occasion to spice things up. Controversy?? (grin)

Glad to hear that you and Jim and Charlie are "completely and utterly" enjoying the walks; you're all the best judge of that - and completely and utterly sounds pretty good to me.

Take care and hope it's a good day.

susan senator

I love a day like that. Good for you. :-)


We enjoy our walks as well. We don't get quite as far as you, only averaging about a mile or so each time, but we certainly all enjoy getting out in the fresh air and moving around. Patrick is anxiously awaiting the return of bike season, however, and asks almost every time we go for a walk if we can ride.


You could always get a Bluetooth headset, and talk on the phone like all those people I think are talking to themselves in the supermarket. On second thought, it sounds like quite an aerobic workout to go walking with Charlie, so phonecalls might be a bit breathless.

But one useful device would be a small handhel voice recorder, to not all the good ideas that pop into one's head during exercise.

Peripatetic thinking has always been a powerful intellectual tool, as you know, from Aristotle to the famous (at the time) "Sunday Tramps" of the Victorian period.


err, that's "*note* all the good ideas", not "not".

Liz Ditz

Heh. You said perseverating.

As long as we---not just the media---keep, as it were, perseverating on the "vaccine issue,"

It was a good piece. I'm surprised at the number folks who have responded to the Wakefield decision, who don't usually address autism or the anti-vaccination movement.

Glad you had a peaceful Sunday.


I find the most interesting thing about the GMC decision is that the question was one that turned on research ethics, and yet that's not what's (in most cases) the emphasis of the discussion, which as far as I can tell is the same-old, same-old as was the day before the decision and the day before that...seems as if no matter what the larger context might be or the actual topic, the Sd or conditioned stimulus of "vaccine" is the trigger for steering things around to the usual heated discussions on the same items that at least as I have seen, do not reach resolution through sometimes hundreds of comments (and possibly into many thousands cumulatively). (And I hope saying the word here doesn't also do so).

We've been walking too, although no where near 4 1/2 miles but a couple of miles is enough to put on the baseball hats, walking shoes and headphones and then stop at Starbucks afterwards like a couple of civilized ladies. (smile)

Kristina Chew

I always hesitate before writing about vaccines.....am about to step aside quietly now, hopefully until April when the GMC makes its decision. It doesn't really feel that the online discussion about this particular topic has changed too much over the years; it always seems to descend into anger about "big Pharma" and the like at the mere mention of that Sd 'vaccine' (though it seems to me that the old Sd of 'mercury' has been heard less of late).

Am spoiled with my iPhone and its typing and other capacities! Have been known to send out an email or two while walking, or waiting on Charlie.

We, along with Patrick, cannot wait for the return of bike ride weather either!

I could go for the coffee! But I'm only the imbiber of such in our household...... Charlie, it seems, is all business and no café-sitting on these walks.


Charlie's definitely power-walking and more power to him (and you) because that's a lot of good exercise, but if it should ever change that a little refreshment break sounds good, the "coffee empire" does a nice non-caffinated caramel apple spice (cheaper at home, but we're working on the ordering and on occasion it's just kind of festive).

Take care.

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