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10 February 2010


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I'm smiling a little because of all the sports equipment that might be useful right now, snowshoes or x-country skis might fit the bill.

Does Charlie like to watch the snow come down or is it just old hat to him?

That is a lot of snow - I think several years back when I was in NJ you all had had a big snow and it still hadn't melted completely off even though I visited quite a few days later. Seeing all that white kind of brings it back (it's just kind of soggy/mucky here, and I'm not sure if I'm thankful or jealous).

I hope you, Charlie, and family have a good day, don't get frozen feet or cabin fever. Take care.

Kristina Chew

We're just wishing Charlie's school could have had a delayed opening---having President's Day on Monday off is going to make the next couple of days 'interesting' (and may convince us to invest in snowshoes).

He's not interested in watching the snow fall. Already had a 6.15am walk which he enjoyed until we got to the snowed-up field---we're going to have to work on getting him to walk other routes or it'll be one pair of soggy, snow-icy shoes after another!

I'm actually kind of appreciating the snow in some ways -- not going to argue to have two extra days off myself.....


Ben is jealous. Living in Atlanta, we don't see much snow...and he LOVES it. At Granpa's funeral, we flew in to Chicago with snowflakes big enough to put your eye out! Ben knew Grandpa did it for him!

The cupboard emptying would be so frustrating! What's up with that, Charlie? I wonder if Ben releases a similar frustration by cussing...or if it is similar to Tourettes in that it is just an urge that is hard to suppress. A behavior "tick".

Sorry, off on a mental bender...


Can Charlie help shovel? That can use up a lot of energy!

Can you tell us more about how you are using schedules to help Charlie adjust his expectations? Can he read the words that you use? Are you beginning to use hour references?

What a success for you all :)

And I hope that you didn't suffer any property damage - we lost two very large limbs from my favorite flowering magnolia, down here in Central NJ. (14 inches fell.)

Brenda (mamabegood)

Have to tell you that reading about your daily walks gives me inspiration to get out there with my son ... no matter what. And he loves it.

Club 166

I'm thinking that the kayak would be a blast going down a steep, snow covered hill. :)



You're right Joe, it DOES look like fun! Especially in this kind of wet, dense, 'snowman' snow:

Kristina Chew

Kayak down steep, snowy hill = make sure everyone wears their bike helmets! It's not exactly a bobsled......

Autism and 14-Monkey Experiment

Charlie sure went through a lot of pants in a short period of time. It pays to be prepared.

Kristina Chew

sorry to hear about your tree (and I love magnolias). One of our neighbor's is under a huge heap of snow on his front lawn.

I keep the format of the schedules very simple---I usually take out a piece of paper and just write a list of words on it. I _think_ Charlie can read the words; his teachers use lots of these sorts of things at school so he's use to the idea. I read the schedule out to Charlie and point to the letters and, with the snow day schedule, tape it up in a place that he can see it. The schedules can get a bit over-elaborate! (Some are here difflearn.com.)

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