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27 June 2010


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Little boy is my rides junkie. We want to go to Disney in a couple of years... he'll be tall enough and I expect mature enough to ride them himself... Mommy isn't going to go on them with him. We take him every thanksgiving to a local fair and he has a blast on the rides.

My anxiety ridden NLD one... won't go on them at all...

Kristina Chew

I won't get on any rides either! Not even the ferris wheel----


I don't like fair ground rides, although I have accompanied Dimitri a couple of times.

I'm marveling that Charlie is not bothered by the restraint for the frog hopper, Dimitri would be trying to slide out from underneath or force it open.

Kristina Chew

I have been worrying about Charlie doing just that! But he didn't try when he was younger (he probably just wasn't strong enough) and I think he's probably in the habit of not trying to take off the restraint. I do worry about the swings, just because it's really just a thin metal bar and some chains that seem to secure the ride.

I did try to ride a teacup ride once with Charlie. I barely made it home, all while moaning woozily (and queasily) to Jim, and of course we'd been at a carnival that was far away from where we lived!


I hate rides most of the time. At least the falling fast make you feel like you're in a centrifuge kind of rides.

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