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21 June 2010


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Just love the picture of Charlie with all the cameras pointed at him. His grandparents really are lovely people. Lucky boy.

P.S. Nice ads. *rimshot*


Conversation, definitely conversation! It's so great that Charlie is using these words and phrases, I believe they must all have significant meaning for Charlie (he chose "how's my Charlie")

The weather is very tricky, Dimitri knows rain, because I made a point of going out when it rains... that and singing "it's raining it's pouring" a lot. Sunny, warm, cloudy, all much harder.

(I'm smiling too)


The love exudes through their cameras. Beautiful picture of Charlie and his beloved grandparents who embody unconditional love.


It's amazing how one or two seemingly "simple" words are not at all simple for our kids. My boy said "White sky raining" the other day (white sky = day time) and I almost hit the floor in shock. Weather-related concepts aren't in his IEP per se, but they are part of his life skills overall plan - if it's raining, one needs an umbrella, etc. I'm just happy to get spontaneous, appropriate commentary from my kid. And yes, grandparents are great "therapy" - my folks arrive today!


Lovely photo - because it's also a lovely mental image of you treasuring it and capturing it.
This step towards interactive remarks and the use of descriptive adjectives is also a lovely development Congratulations!

This question may seem impertinent, since youy concentrate on bettering the Now, but have you any familiarity with the writings of Mark Hyman, MD? My father now has sever Alzheimer's, and his speech patterns are reminiscent of Charlie's. When I was researching Alzheimer's in "The Ultramind Solution," Hyman argues that autism and Alzheimer's "almost the same identical disease showing up at the opposite end of the age spectrum." Hyman argues that both are the result of widespread brain inflammation that begins in the gut (ergo stomach distress so common in autistic children.)
I'm not well-versed in the history of autism-cause-"cure"-treatment-intervention, so please excuse me if this is a stupid or inappropriate question.

Kristina Chew

I hadn't heard of Mark Hyman, thank you; I've read a couple of things seeking to connect autism to Alzheimer's. I have to say, theories that focus on the 'gut' in autism might best be treated with some wariness; such pseudoscientific theories have been used to argue for the discredited and unfortunate notion that vaccines or something in vaccines might be linked to autism, along with a huge host of biomedical sort of treatments. Some of Charlie's stomach problems are probably more due to his OCD-ness and resulting picky eating, and struggles with communication....... I go on a bit of a screed about these sorts of things as, in a previous blog-life (autismvox.com) I spent quite a bit of time addressing the 'antivaxxers' and the endless array of biomedical, alternative, unproven treatments for autistic children!

Charlie rather had a chance to practice his use of 'raining' as he and Jim got soaked on a bike ride this afternoon...... it was 'cloudy' for much of the afternoon but I'm not sure about how to attempt to teach that term yet!

Hope you have a lovely visit and plenty of 'grandparents therapy,' Melanie...

@Shannon, heh heh, I have been amusing myself by clicking through on a few of those ads......

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