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21 July 2010


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Sounds like Charlie enjoys his daily exercise enough to put up with the heat! Dimitri is not so happy, currently struggling to do anything outside the house(I think he is mentally saying "I'm melting I'm melting!!").

All this despite being (slightly) less hot than previous years. And I'm not a fan of the heat myself either:)

Hope weather cools down a bit soon.

Kristina Chew

I have certainly felt like I'm about to melt but when Charlie is there walking on, I've quite had to forget about it! The weekend doesn't look too good (95 on Saturday, sigh) but it may 'only' be in the mid-80s next week.

At least there was a breeze today---air-conditioning has not been working in the classroom we are teaching in.

The sun's not good for Dimitri too, is that right? Charlie, like me, can spend a lot of time in the sun, get very tanned, and be fine---very different for my (very blonde and blue-eyed) husband.


Similar weather here, I find I'm less tolerant of the heat with each passing year!

Yeah, because Dimitri has Angelman Syndrome by deletion he has less than normal pigment in his skin and eyes, so he burns rather than tans, also strange things going on with body temp regulation, which can be a problem for seizures - although he is seizure free for a long time now (knocking furiously on wood)

Kristina Chew

Knocking with you-----

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