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03 August 2010


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Yes, your approach is much better than mine, which ia plan to live forever.

Kristina Chew

Actually, I was thinking of doing that too.


Chills! This light summer reading swells the heart with pride (bus) and the brain with practicality (lawyer).
Wonderful for son (growing independence) and parents (peace of mind).


Ours is done, did it in the spring - yes, I know he's only 8. We have the trust in our will that should something happen to us the trustees take over for our younger son and are guardians for both. We are allowed $5,000 (may have changed last budget??) to get social services.

The rest we were told to wait until just before he turned 18.

Finding someone you trust is hard... we didn't pick any of our siblings either. I'm just pleased that those we asked, agreed.

I plan on having mine in care, or some form thereof depending on where we are at 21... Will probably start planning before that. I have no intentions of having him here when I cannot care for him and I too am entitled to have him leave the home. NOT, that I probably won't check on him most days... but so he's safe and protected should something happen to us.

Congrats on the bus. We've been taking it since K.. next year he goes to a new school.... hopefully by bus and not cab... and I too will follow it out the first couple of days to make certain the transfer goes well. So far he knows he's going to town to school not the village.. but... the Mom needs to see it for herself.


You and Jim deserve kudos for planning so well for Charlie's future. It's not easy to think of leaving our children to navigate the world without our assistance but we should take care of these things now to avoid extra work for them (or their caregivers) when we're not there to help them.
My husband and I are both attorneys and we didn't make our wills until three years ago! We were being ostriches, burying our heads in the sand, and in that we certainly not alone but we owed it to our children to face things and smooth the way for them. Our two boys are older now and capable of making good financial decisions but our daughter is only 16 and still at the point where a sudden windfall would lead to the immediate purchase of a sports car, a trip around the world and the acquisition of the entire contents of the local Sephora. Now, at least, she'll have to wait until she's more mature to make big financial decisions should her father and I die untimely deaths.
I hope Charlie's bus rides continue to be smooth. Is there any way he can have a spacial snack to be eaten on the bus? it might make up for the missed convenience store stops.

Kristina Chew

Thank you----honestly, I didn't know how to fill out a tax form until my 20s!

Alas, no eating on the bus. It's as well as most of the things Charlie would like to eat require refrigeration or being heated up in the microwave. Certainly something to look forward to at home (and now I've a bit of extra time to make a fast run to the grocery store).


So much richness in this one post! Many kudos to Charlie for his successful bus ride and to you and Jim for tackling the task which Niksdad and I have yet to tackle. It always feels like you have forever to accomplish something...until you don't. *ahem* Will be working on that after we get Nik into school.

Kristina Chew

It's been a couple of years that people have said to us we had to get to work on a Special Needs Trust. We kept saying 'yes yes' and then finally Jim called the lawyer and we did it. We did the will years ago (when we lived in Minnesota---a long time ago indeed!) but some changes needed to be made. And goes without saying it's never too early to think about Charlie's future.

Bonnie Sayers (autismfamily)

Here in California it is a conservatorship we need to do a few months before turning 18. I believe this is the only state that has something different.


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