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13 August 2010


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Please receive my gratitude in return, kristina.

I visited the two blogs listed next to mine. Juxtaposition indeed!

The poem is lovely and somewhat overwhelms me when I think of these words coming from someone who lived millenia ago - humanity has not changed so much, has it? And I am overwhelmed by your abilities in languages, kristina.

However I got here, I am grateful.


Hey, I'm a contender!

Kristina Chew

But of course!

I saw that you're speaking at the World Congress on Disabilities--I won't be able to be there but look forward already to your posting about it (hope you will!).

Thank you about the poem; I read it first when I was in high school and all those words have stayed with me, though I certainly take much more meaning from them now than I did back then.

Needless to say, am very grateful always to hear from both of you. From everyone--

Lisa Jo

Thanks, Kristina, for including me on your list!

This looks like a lovely blog, and a great start to what will likely (someday) be a terrific book.

It's so hard to fully describe any life... and I have to say it's especially hard to describe life with a disabled child who is also a person who enjoys life.

Good luck with you new venture!

Lisa Rudy


There are some good places to ride near Hopewell, NJ, where I live. My hubby, who belongs to several bike clubs, often rides in the Sourlands. There are nice bike paths in Kingston, Rocky Hill, Griggstown (Great farmers' market there) and the surrounding little towns.
If you go to Hopewell, dubbed the Vermont of NJ by the NY Times, you should definitely check out Nomad pizza. For my money, Nomad and DiLorenzo's in Trenton make the best pizza in NJ.
If you don't want to eat in the dining room at Nomad, and it can get crowded; seating is mainly family style at a long table, you can eat outside on the patio or, probably best for you and Charlie, you can order ahead and take your pie to go.
There are concerts at the bandstand and it's a fun place to hang out with your pizza.
Bicycling is a wonderful exercize and it's something that Charlie can enjoy for his entire life. If you add beautiful scenery and safe bike trails (many are old rail lines) you have the perfect ingredients for peaceful easy feeling-ness, IMHO.

Kristina Chew

Think I'm going to take you up on those ingredients, and bike paths....

@Lisa Jo,
Always good to hear from you! Thanks much and thanks of course for all your hard work blogging over the years at About.com.

Bonnie Sayers (autismfamily)

I have the IKEA catalogue - only been there once - they are in Burbank, but Nick wants to go there to see what it is like as he loves the commercials.

Thanks for the corrected link. I got a jury summons today - starts same day school starts in four weeks.

Kristina Chew

Just what you need, that jury summons..... Charlie used occasionally to visit IKEA with us but it's a place of extreme and absolute sensory overload. Definitely not for him and we certainly are not in need of any furniture!

Melanie Harper

Funny that you mention IKEA as overstimulation - The Boy loooves the Atlanta IKEA since it has both escalators and elevators, 2 highly-valued items in his world. Last time we were there, we'd gone with a friend and her (mostly NT) son, and we experimented with leaving both boys in the childcare area for a little while. They had so much fun, and it was a first for them both. You never know when a little victory will appear!

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