And the Snow Came Down
The Return of the Walk

A Change in the Landscape

It's a big ol' mound o' snow

The Nor'easter dumped 28 inches of snow on us and I'm feeling a bit achy in the back and shoulders after shoveling, shoveling, and more shoveling Sunday night and first thing Monday morning. (Though not exactly as much as the massive mound you see above.)

Actually though I am thanking the snow ('Holiday Blizzard 2010' as it's being called) because, due to it, Charlie did something he has not been able to in quite some time.

On an early afternoon walk with my mom and dad bringing up the rear, Charlie walked past the house of Nemesis Dog. With no adamant utterings of NO, tears, mad dashes in the opposite direction.

28 inches of snow can quite alter the landscape. With everything cloaked in several inches of the white, icy, cold stuff, everything looked different. Charlie quite relies on seeing small details to orient himself in the world, so the transformation of our street into the proverbial winter wonderland was not so much a marvel for him as a quite alarming nuisance.

The snow blower stopped here

Most people had dug out the sidewalks but there are always those sections where someone has a lot of lawn or at the corners where the snow is left in a solid mass and you've not much (i.e. you have no choice) but to set each foot down into a significant volume of snow, with the occasional 'snow down the snow boot' result.

Last year we experienced this phenomenon quite a bit. Our walk takes us through a school yard and an open field. These of course go unplowed and all I could think on seeing them was that we would all have some very cold and wet feet after about three paces, indeed.

So I kept walking up the street we were on, knowing that we would be passing the house where Nemesis Dog resides. And also knowing that the likelihood of her or him being out in her or his electronic fenced yard was low after the blizzard.

Charlie (he refused to wear a hat) walked slowly, eyes alert to the right where the feared canine resides. The house was quiet and still, and Charlie kept walking, tall and steady.

I am not sure if he will be inclined to do the same after the snow is gone and the dog is again out in the yard. But perhaps now that he knows he can walk past That Spot, he can take heart and have another go at it, whatever the weather.

One thing's for sure: We'll be walking with him.

Charlie, PoPo and Gong Gong walking in the snow



Wow. That's a lot of snow! A good opportunity for walking past the nemesis dog house, the experience may well lead Charlie to view the place less negatively(for now, at least)

Kristina Chew

I'm hoping it's not the last time we walk by that house---there is _quite_ a lot of snow in the field, so I think we will have a few chances!

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