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24 December 2010


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Evan Tasch

If you need an extra camper and counselor, let me know!!! All the best to Team Charlie now and always!


Could be worse. We were out 5 days in the pre-2weeks before Xmas. One of those we sent both of them to school. Eldest had the possibility of 4 of them... So one was officially out 4 days (little one) the other out 3. Those 3 the school's were closed, the rest the buses were cancelled.

Now we're off for 2 weeks. Have been off since Mon....

We're busy over the next few days so that'll help.

Estee Klar

I think there should be structured activity for children during this time. It doesn't make sense to me to have all this free time. Unless people are traveling, which most are not, it doesn't make sense. Hopefully we can clue in and make holiday time constructive with programs for not just our kids, but I'm quite sure many kids with nothing to do. We are not in the day and age when we used to go out and play all hours without supervision. Those days are gone.


Christmas is a difficult time for all kids. Sure, it's fun and exciting but they get all revved up, eat too may sugary treats, get anxious that they weren't "good"enough to get a visit from Santa (we downplayed the "You Better be Good for Goodness Sake" thing at our house) and before you know it, there are tears and sleeplessness.
My youngest son came into our room crying his heart out one Christmas Eve morning when he was about five because he woke up thinking it was Christmas Day and there was no stocking filled with goodies on his bedpost. He laughs about it now that he's almost 20 but at the time he was heartbroken.
So yeah, the holidays should be kept mellow and low-key.
And yes, track sounds like a wonderful idea for Charlie. Does his school have a track program?

Kristina Chew

I remember having two full weeks off from school. I really enjoyed it---spent most of it reading----though I was glad to get back to school.

@Estée, We used always to travel during the holidays and I realize how I depended on that to fill the time--just the travel alone swallowed up two days.

I think we've done a better job preparing for the break than in the past, but we'll see!

In particular, we've thought ahead to Charlie having anxiety about the disruptions to his schedule, and the fact that he doesn't have as much to do without school. Plus, we have to factor in bad weather. Wishing us all luck and peaceful-easy-feelingness.

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