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11 February 2011


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Is the shirt too small? Or is it just that he's too attached to it and won't wear anything else? I've had the same obsession with pants in the past . . .

BTW, is he shaving? And if so, how do you handle that?


Do you take Charlie shopping for clothes? Does he ever pick out new clothes for himself? It seems like he has to be able to imagine or visualize himself in a new situation, and enjoying it, before he will actually try it.

Your happy modeling of the behavior also seems to play a big role. (Jim modeling-shoveling the walk, for example.) His mirror neurons need to be engaged for him to see himself in the situation.

Where did the blue shirt come from? I remember when you bought the matching sweatshirts (which he loves). Did he select them himself, or was he involved in their selection?

Brenda (mamabegood)

This makes me anxious just reading about it. I'd be searching the internets to buy six of the same green shirt. Now you can yell at me and tell me to leave. ((hugs))

Kristina Chew

Currently my mom buys almost all of Charlie's clothes---he's so far been happy with her choices! I get his pants online. I do think we'll start buying multiples of clothes though---Brenda, we have at least 6 pairs of grey pants!---as he has started to have a much stronger opinion about what he wears and this seems age-appropriate.

Jim uses an electric shaver with Charlie though Charlie is more inclined to say no than yes to this. Shaving is a goal on his IEP...

Liz Ditz

How is it possible that Charlie has facial hair?...oh, wait, when I first met you and Charlie, in the online sense, my daughter was 15. She's now 22. YIKES!

As you know, I am more or less neurotypical. Still, I have more-or-less a uniform. Mostly I buy clothes online. If I find a pair of pants (more difficult) or a blouse that I like, I order one...if the garment fits and is otherwise satisfactory, I then go back and order multiples in all the colors (or patterns) available.

Kristina Chew

This boy won't stop growing!

I think we're rapidly moving towards a self-created Charlie uniform. Ordering more pants....

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