Happy Birthday to Charlie
Wonder Boy

A Feeling of Accomplishment

Before the ride

It started raining as we drove out to New Jersey horse country on Saturday morning.

We kept driving, saying 'it'll let up.' If it didn't, we figured Charlie and Jim would ride anyways. After all, they rode throughout the winter in 19 degrees weather and, last Christmas day, with a Nor'easter expected. 

One thing I've certainly learned from life in autismland is that you just keep going, no matter what the weather, the daily 'incident,' or what have you.

Off on the bike path

It was grey but dry when we pulled into the gravel parking lot. Charlie asked to wear 'green jacket' meaning (we think) his yellow jacket as his, and Jim's, were in the back of the car. Despite the fact that it's the middle of May, Charlie has still been putting the jackets into the car prior to our biking outings. I had stored the jackets in the basement a few days ago, only to see Charlie drag them up after a few minutes.

I guess you could say he likes to be totally prepared for his biking adventures. 

Jacket-less but sweatshirted, Charlie and Jim rode off. There were a few sprinkles and a leashless dog o the trail but they kept going at a sustained, steady pace. (And, the dog's owner kindly picked her pet up.)

22 miles later

Jim and Charlie returned after 22 miles, our boy with a tremendously happy smile on his face.

All smiles after the ride

Nothing like a feeling of accomplishment for self-motoring all those miles.

Happy fourteenth birthday to a boy who is showing himself again and again able to go much farther than could ever have been foretold when he was a long wriggling newborn fourteen years ago; when he was diagnosed with autism of a severe kind just after his second birthday; when he and we slogged through one messy setback after another, after another.

Together we all endure.


annette harris

Kristina, your remarks about keeping going no matter what bring to mind a little sign I made and stuck to my fridge:

Start where you are,
Use what you have,
Do what you can.
It will be enough.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARIE from Sarah and Mars.


Happy Birthday Charlie and to Mom and Dad happy anniversary of your boys' 14 years.

Together the tight team of three shall always prevail.

Evan Tasch

Wishing Charlie the awesomest of birthdays with his awesome parents!

Club 166

I can't think of a much better way to celebrate then riding 22 miles.

Hope you had a great day!!



Happy Birthday Charlie :-) Such a happy handsome young lad.

Congratulations Kristina & Jim on raising a wonderful boy.

Your blog AutismVox was one of the very first I found after Heidi was diagnosed 4 years ago. I don't comment often but I do read every update. Thank you for keeping writing.

Kristina Chew

@Marita, it's so lovely to hear from you -- thank you so much for reading about Charlie over the years. That means _a lot_.

How is Heidi?

Thank you again, so much!


Heidi is wonderful. I'm still learning to let go of my preconceived ideas and assumptions because she keeps busting them all.

Kristina Chew

Love hearing that!

Warmest wishes to Heidi and you --

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