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Riding On at the Ride For Autism

Ride for autism


We were late getting to the Ride For Autism as we all -- after some days of disordered sleep -- didn't wake up till almost 9am, to a misty gray day. Charlie sat a bit more rigidly than usual in the backseat as we drove down the Garden State Parkway to the ride; he has become quite accustomed to spending Saturdays biking on the New Jersey horse country trail which has the river and trees and all that nature. 

Once we got to the community college campus where the ride starts, Charlie -- it was his fourth ride -- got right out, we unloaded the bikes and he and Jim went to get their numbers.

They did ten miles really really fast, with Charlie standing up to pedal up some hills. Noting that only one person passed them (vs. being passed by quite a few riders in previous years), Jim wants to try the 25 mile route through more Jersey suburbia (parks, a lake, inevitable strips of commercial establishments) next time.

Ride for autism (after the ride)

We got some lunch and headed home where Charlie immediately asked for... another bike ride.

Home ride in a drizzle

Ten miles is a bit of a shorter ride for them these days. Plus, nothing like biking on own's home course and, indeed, Charlie (after dinner) was ready for one more ride.

You see the pattern of our lives here, ride, refuel, and ride again.

Saturday night, no one had any problem going to sleep and at a goodly hour, too.


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