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17 July 2011


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Hm..I had never thought of it as being an "autistic" thing particularly, because you always read in novels of people trembling with emotion or feeling as though their heart has fallen into their stomach, but come to think of it, you really don't see NTs showing their emotions in that way very much IRL, unless it's something huge like a car crash where someone died. Sometimes not even then. But it sounds like he might have thought he wasn't going to get to go on a desired expedition( since you had to turn back for something), and that would make me get shaky and upset, too, particularly if I didn't have the words to register my objection or concerns properly.

I remember once a friend of mine was saying she had always assumed that when they talked about women fainting from excess emotion in Victorian novels that it was just a literary figure of speech until she got in an emotional argument while dressed in Victorian garb with a corset and DID faint---but that surprised me since I don't NEED a corset to be capable of fainting( or nearly so) from strong emotions.

Kristina Chew

I think the turning round was part of it -- we try to avoid it but sometimes we have to go back for something necessary. It was kind of good we turned around as Charlie was 'on the edge' and it's better to be home than in a moving car.....

I'm interested in what you say about shaking -- and about NTs showing their emotions in very different ways -- a reminder to me to look for different signs for Charlie expressing how he feels. He seems sometimes just completely over-powered by something and it just all comes out.

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