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16 August 2011


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Pictures are a great communicator here as well. I haven't tried the Ipad yet. I simply use the images on our digital camera to speak with Wyatt. Love how this limits misunderstandings.
So glad Charlie seems to be enjoying camp so far. The great outdoors is his element.


It's called visual recall and an important skill that you can use to make up short (few words, descriptive photos of activities you are planning) social stories or timelines for these camp/school/summer activity days if he's having difficulty. Be very careful about time promises.

Also, using these photos you can teach him to choose an activity he would prefer b/c he can see where he wants to go. Don't forget to remove activities from the saved file as they become no longer available or you don't wish to do them at that time. You should probably input the possibilities every night while he is sleeping for the next day so he doesn't watch you do it and get upset.

Thinking in pictures is when you read a book and you can see the story in your head in pictures. My sons and I do the first, we can't do the second.

If he could read, you could do the same with words.

Due to my youngests proficiency with electronics and love of them, we are getting a flip book from the ACS. It goes in next week and we hope to have it before too long. We have words and he can talk when he has something to say, but we need to work on wh asking and answering and as we discovered at the testing yesterday he describes things with nouns and we need to push using verbs too. He reads at grade level so although we are starting with boardmaker, we expect it won't last long before we switch to words only.


Yay camp! Crafty parents extending his pick-up time by 1/2 HR increments. Yay parents!
Mostly yay Charlie brave and bold.

Kristina Chew

Charlie's really figured out his own way of using the iPad -- thinking in pictures Charlie-style. Yes, one name for it is visual recall, but also a clue about how his own thinking works. Grandin talks about 'flipping' (metaphorically) through a number of images of an object; a word might lead her to think of one image and then she has to recall the next. It's fascinating to me in terms of some ideas about language and linguistics; about the connection of a sign/word/signifier to a meaning (the 'signified').

Charlie kind of likes just to have lots of photos on his iPad at once. So far, he seems ok with seeing things he can't do; I think it helps to have all the photos as he feels even things he's not doing at the moment (going to the beach) are still 'present.'


Grace loves the photo album too. Her latest trick? Finding a photo of a preferred item on iPad album, taking photo of it with iPhone them adding it to an "I Want" sentence with her App. Theory of mind comes from Apple- thank you Steve Jobs xx

Kristina Chew

I read today that 95% of people surveyed want an iPad when they get a tablet--- I really can't argue.

Someday we'll get Charlie iPad2 with the camera -- I love what Grace is doing! She's giving me some good ideas.

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