After Worry
A Marathon It Is

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

Charlie on the Delaware


Up with a smile, waiting for the bus with Jim and my parents.

Smiling on arrival at school then so upset for an hour that he missed the weekly swim session.

Home to an afternoon and evening of soggy, soaking, solid rain, rain, rain. Charlie wanted a bike ride.

I came home, we did the first of two walks through puddles and a muddy, leafy field.

The rain was coming down so steadily that on the second walk our pants, shielded by raincoats, got soaked.

Charlie watched with a smile as my sister and her boyfriend appeared for dinner.

He went up to bed, taking my dad's gray sweater and a soft black fleece vest.

After he was asleep, I went to charge Charlie's iPad but it still had 100% charge as he'd not really used it all throughout the day.



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