Watching the Process
Christmas Past, Christmas Present

Dentist Success

Best dentist visit ever!

Sometimes you have to just step back -- remembering the ER visits, the broken window in the pediatricians' waiting room, the screaming/wriggling/back-arching child you tried to hold down in your lap while the dentist (another dentist than the amazing one Charlie has now) tried to scrape his teeth -- and enjoy the moment.

No cavities, either.




That's a pretty good Christmas present! Wishing you all a lovely Christmas.


Kudos to kid and parents! Merry Christmas Kristina.


That photo made me smile!

Kristina Chew

Definitely was my Christmas present!

Bradley Bedell

Way to go Charlie and Kristina. Someday, he will be more than happy to visit his dentist. You should continue to give him encouragement and exercises to show that dentists shouldn't be feared.

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