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12 February 2012


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Two friends of mine have sons who love apples, lots of them. One mum speculated as to whether her son likes them so much because they made his stomach feel better. I know Charlie loves apples too, the fish and chicken are new foods?

It's seems so strange to be talking about when Charlie will be 21! Scary really.


I love the "tickle Mom" anecdote. Part of the joy of watching children grow up are the little holdovers - gestures and phrases - that persist from babyhood.

Brenda (mamabegood)

I ha to go back and read the End of the World post. What an honest, beautiful approach. Most people don't know how to respond to differences (head-banging) without looking at the superficial - the helmet is a perfect example and metaphor - and I appreciate how difficult it must be for you to figure out what Charlie's trying to communicate to you. I wish everyone understood as you do that it IS about something else - that he is trying to communicate - and just can't express it in words.

You're amazing.

Kristina Chew

@Brenda, you are too kind! Sometimes I wonder if Charlie is so motivated to communicate because he sees and hears Jim and me jabbering away all the time...

@Jill, I figure I should 'reshape' the 'tickle' -- I think he only uses it at home with us.

@Emma, I've been setting out lots of apples for Charlie to eat! He seems to like to munch on them (except when he had the dreadful stomach illness and swiped them all off the counter -- a sign of how bad he was feeling). Our case manager made a big deal about how Charlie only has (sob) 6 more years in school. I hate to think about it but know we have to start thinking (well, we have) about the next stage.

Yes, the fish and chicken are new. I cut them up small though maybe that leads to Charlie gulping them down and getting stomach distress....

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