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Chocolate, Hearts & (Love) Poetry

Chocolate marshmallow hearts for Charlie's wonderful teachers!


All day at school, Charlie was bedeviled by the cough he's caught. At home he was peaceful, still wanting the usual bike ride (with a request to swing at a playground, too) and a walk that was one-third fast running (Jim came on this too and wore his yellow jacket for visibility). Then, while I was making up some special Valentine's Day lessons for my Latin and ancient Greek classes (Catullus! Sappho!), he ran up and down the stairs and through the kitchen-dining-living rooms a few times. At one point, he opened the refrigerator to make sure his lunch boxes were in there with juices and watermelon packed (they were).

Then he went to bed and I attempted to get back to the so-called 'Dark Age' and the 'Sub-Mycenean Age' and the Protogeometric and such good things but first, chocolate marshmallow hearts had to be prepped to send off with Charlie tomorrow morning on the bus (assuming he's not coughing a lot more).


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