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ὃς μάλα πολλὰ πλάγχθη: We've Got the IEP Down -- Now For the New Frontier, Adulthood

Making It

Striding like in Hawaii five o or some such?


Charlie made it to school, I made it to work, Jim worked in the library till it was time to ride bikes.

It was a 3 walk day. The first was at 6am after Charlie had woken (coughing) at 4am. He was tired but got through the day all right and had that lasrt burst of energy and wanted two more walks and even a third but it was past 9pm and time to settle down. Charlie didn't object.



Kristina, I am truly inspired by the encouragement you give your son, thank you so much for sharing your stories! I too have a daughter with autism and at times, I feel so guilty because I get so burned out trying to give her all the attention she needs. I am struggle to be a better parent and with the help of I am learning ways I find enough energy for my child, to be the best parent that I can. Thanks again so much for you blog, your a true inspiration.

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