Obvious Anxieties
From the Home of Our 1 in 49 Jersey Boy to Yours

Pavement Shots (with Nemesis Dog)

Charlie is apparently on a four-day no-sleep cycle (instead of, as previously, a three-day one) as he is wide awake and up and about past midnight on Wednesday night. On Monday he was up till 2am (I think; I fell asleep before he did) and on Tuesday, past midnight and the same tonight and once again despite a fair amount of exercise.

As Jim was teaching till late in the evening, it was Charlie and me all afternoon and beyond.

We got a coveted burrito (still following the food schedule). On the first of two walks, Charlie didn't go through the field for the 1 mile route, but on the sidewalk for the 2 miler. He took a quick look to the left as we passed the house of Nemesis Dog, who was on the front lawn, and who barked. Charlie started running towards the field in the opposite direction.

I coax him to keep walking and held out my hand. After some hesitation, Charlie walked by me, let me hold his hand, and walked past the house with the now-barking dog.

As we proceeded round a field where high school guys were playing lacrosse, Charlie stopped on the pavement and looked at his feet.


Pavement 1


He stopped after a few more feet and then after a few more, and a few more, always on the cracks or when the pavement was a different color due to repaving having occurred.


Pavement 2


He looked at his feet and was clearly thinking through something. Perhaps counting down as he readied on a starting line, something I think he's learned from school?


Pavement 3


On the second walk, Charlie didn't do nearly as much stopping, standing and thinking. There was much more running and at a fair pace and we got hom with a hour to spare and wait for Jim.


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