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Despite his cold, Charlie insisted on a neighborhood bike ride, as if to be totally assured that Jim is indeed home (and not in Boston). The ride got off to a slow start and then proceeded pleasantly, with singing and banter.

Despite my coughing, the conference with Charlie's teacher, aides, behaviorist and speech therapist was productive, informative and easy-going. Charlie likes being there and is liked; his new speech therapist was his classroom aide when he started school in our town back in 2003 and, afterwards, his home speech/ABA therapist and sitter, for some years. I said, we could only wish there would be a BAC for kids after they turn 21.

It is sort of incredible how settled and at home Charlie is now in school, after an odyssey through many schools and towns.

Charlie was asleep when I came home. He woke around 9pm and said he wanted a walk but with his sniffles and the cold and wet outside, we suggested that we do that tomorrow and, after sitting and then standing, he went back to bed and to sleep.




Melanie Harper

Given the 'density' of students with autism across the spectrum in NJ, have the local parents talked yet about pooling your resources and making a BAC for your kids as they age out of what's available pre-22nd birthday? We're really starting to think through that in our little area south of Atlanta - ranging from sheltered communal living to post-secondary education. If it's not already in existence, we'll have to roll our own...

Kristina Chew

You are so right -- I've heard there is talk of the BAC or those who run it making some moves towards an adult program. Have heard of parents getting together and starting group homes/communal living situations too -- would love to know what other things you are thinking of/working on!

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