Another Reason I Am Not Happy About Global Warming
R.E.M. At 3.50am

Almost Pulling the All-nighter

Jim and I teach college students and we've been keeping their hours: Monday night, Charlie couldn't sleep till 3am and, as I had woken at midnight on Saturday to hear the sound of plastic crashing down the stairs, I stayed up reading about Greek sculpture.

Tuesday he was, hardly surprisingly!, groggy. But he and Jim and an aide who held Charlie's hand all the way were still the first to finish a mile-circuit walk around the Big Autism Center.

Charlie feel asleep just around midnight, to the sound of ocean waves.



Ocean waves sound on his IPad? Brookstone sells sound systems with white noise, various other soothing sounds: rain, soft percussion, others,
Birthday present!


Oh, my. Teenagers. I'm exhausted for you. Are you looking forward to beach season?

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