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18 May 2012


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Revolutionary indeed; have been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver's quest for fresh veg in schools
Yay Charlie!


I can guarantee you no farm would hire your son per the Care2 post. Unless it is run by a disabilities organization AND it won't be a farm as most of us know it. More like a large greenhouse/garden place.

We have neither the resources, the money, the time nor the insurance to take him on.

We will work with our youngest and maybe we can get him trained up enough to do some work independantly.... But, we'd have to be VERY careful in what we allow him to do. The #1 most dangerous job out there after the military in a war area... Agriculture.

Kristina Chew

@farmwifetwo, I didn't think they would, along with pretty much the majority of companies and businesses in the US!

Planning for self-employment options seems the way to go.

@Linda, gardening and being outdoors = good training for life. and healthy eating for sure!


Both of my kids loved McDonald's when they were younger --twice a week visits were the norm back then. My daughter in particular loved the Happy Meal toys. But as they got older they lost interest, and desired to enjoy new and different foods and dining experiences. Now they almost never go to good old Mickey D's. It does come in handy when on the road, though.

Steven Sutton

I love reading all your blog, keep it up Kristina.. best of luck.

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