As When a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Not Everyone's Gonna Be a Rock Star

Butterflies Of a Different Sort

He is studious


For the third straight day in a row, Charlie got very upset at school. But Wednesdy he worked through it and things did not escalate.

It was still grey and humid, but with the occasional peak of blue sky and a cool bit of breeze. This made bike riding much more pleasant and two walk-runs too, one at dusk and the other under the stars (not that we could see them for the cloud cover but they have to be there).

Charlie went to sleep at 11pm.

Then he woke this morning around 4.30am. He got dressed and put on his shoes and sweatshirt and was primed for a walk, but waited with a timer for an hour.

The sky was white and the air had that heavy feel again: I do think he senses the storms and that affects his sleep. Plus, Memorial Day is on the horizon and he has Monday off from school.

Plus, this morning there is a concert at the Big Autism Center and Charlie is to perform with his class and Jim and I are both going and maybe those butterflies are flapping around in his stomach. So to speak.

Off to the races


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