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Just Your Usual Thursday (Bikes, Eats, Walks, Up Real Late)

Change is Change

Getting started

Around 2pm, I saw I had just missed a call from Charlie's teacher and knew he must have had an incident. It's been several weeks since Charlie got upset at school -- it's really been a good school year for him behavior-wise (which is not to say there have not been some intense storms). I emailed his teacher and, besides Grandparent Anticipation (and possibly birthday anticipation too) and chronic sleep woes, thought to mention a change in our household, Jim and me being done teaching.

Meaning that, Jim will be home every day for a bike ride.

Meaning, a change -- and, even though it's a good change, Charlie was wary.

This was apparent to me as soon as he got off the bus. His face had the troubled look and when I said we could wait for Jim to be home, he called for the car.

At first, as Jim wouldn't be home for an hour, I said ok. Jim texted it would be best not to get in the car. I mentioned waiting again, Charlie pressed for the car.

Then he stood at a certain spot in the kitchen and called for a long local bike ride.

Smiling, we made brownies and Charlie had a big snack and then a long slow bike ride with Jim.


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