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Ho Hum Holidays

A long lean boy


Monday is a holiday here in the US, Memorial Day. In New Jersey, it is also the start of the summer 'go to the actual real Jersey Shore' season. Once, we would have been scheming how most quickly to get Charlie down a traffic-choked Garden State Parkway to his beloved beach to swim.

But after a few years of misadventures centering around the central fact that Charlie is become a super swimmer, better than his parents, and brooks no patience to be dragged back to the sand, and got behavior storm mad when unable to swim as he felt called to, we have called a moratorium on the beach. I don't think the three of us are minding it, either, Charlie having discovered his forte in biking at least a dozen miles a day; Jim loves these rides just as much.

We felt sad about ceasing beach visits last year. Charlie in the ocean, boogie boarding, is a sight of beauty. One day we will return, when we are all ready for a new phase.

For now, we ride bikes, we run, we walk (and we are quite fast). Too, Charlie, and therefore all of us, seem best off without holidays, diversions from the usual order of things and the peaceful-easy-feeling-ness we all more than appreciate.

The most eventful thing to happen on Friday was that the cars, whose motorists are not so well-disposed to riders on two-wheelers (in Portland we are not), were braking for a big box turtle making its way across the asphalt in New Jersey's urban suburbia. Charlie himself just biked around its hindquarters and then continued on his way, as he does every day.



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