End of Semester Issues
Truly, Sleep Is Only For the Weak (And Only Once a Week)

It's Always the Future Active Participle Around Here

Who woulda thought waiting for dad would be so much fun?

After sleeping long and sound on Saturday and Sunday night, it wasn't surprising that Charlie was awake past midnight on Monday. He'd been tired at school but still had a good day. The sky had been gray and portending rain (and raining some) but he and Jim completed all the twelve miles of their bike ride.

He was just this bit on edge as we drove to get some groceries; perhaps because last week the store had been out of his preferred type of crackers in the red box?

I ran ahead and saw some boxes on the shelf above the frozen desserts. Charlie smiled to see them too and the rest of the evening was full of munching, walking, running, music.

The Kinks were playing as midnight neared and I was trying to get my mind in gear to write about jobs for autistics. There was a loud noise, the too-familiar sound that some piece of furniture had been overturned. I ran up the stairs, Jim came up too, Charlie sat on his bed staring a bit blankly. Five minutes passed and he suddenly zoomed down the stairs and overturned a box of books.

For 45 minutes he sat in the brown chair and started to doze off, then went up to his room and then came almost an hour of transitioning him from on-the-verge-of-upsetment* to something calmer. Nothing else flew, there was no banging of heads or iPads. I did offer Charlie an apple slice or two. Jim gave him a shave. Jim went downstairs and typed an email. I sat on the blue couch and read about the singer of tales.

Charlie called several times for my parents, Gong Gong and Po Po: Of course he is all anticipation, as we ourselves have anticipated. We looked at the calendar and counted off the days till Saturday when they arrive.

In the interest of getting him a bit of sleep before the bus comes -- he is quite awake at 2am -- I am signing off. I will write that story about autistics and jobs on Tuesday -- a topic very close to our thoughts all the time. Charlie has been saying 'bus' and much hangs on his knowing that it is coming at 7.40am and the day it does not, we have to be ready.

Update, 7.55am. Charlie went to sleep at 4am. Hopped up like a rabbit at 7.40 when Jim told him the bus was here.

*Excitaturus -- a future active participle -- in Latin.



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