Too Much in the Sun
Actually Typing B

Night Owl in Stormy Weather

I don't know how he does it. Charlie woke around 3am Tuesday morning and stayed awake in his room and the brown chair and walking and got last-minute nervous just before the bus came as a woman with her dog couldn't figure out to walk on the grass or in the street as the sidewalk is still blocked off.

Charlie had a great day at school with a great swim in the pool.

Aided by a juice pack I had stowed on the bag on Jim's bike, Charlie endured 93 degree weather for 12 miles.

He handled a detour en route to get groceries as there was a two-car accident.

He walked, he cried ferociously, his face froze hard.

It passed after 35 minutes and a spatter of rain fell. The wind was swirling and the air losing some of its heavy wetness when we all 3 did a third walk. It was raining, though in a sporadic way, as we walked the last segment.

Charlie went to bed but seems to be on one of his 72-hours non-sleep periods as, for all that he woke so early, he is still awake.

I think he also feels himself waiting for the storm truly to break, the rain to pour, the wind to bellow and the air ease up.



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