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Not Everyone's Gonna Be a Rock Star

Jim and I drove up to the Big Autism Center on Thursday morning to see the spring concert and to see the Charlie's back in his teal blue shirt (just being precise with my colors) as he exited stage right. An aide signalled to us and then Charlie's teacher appeared and said he'd been grabbing and was on his way to being very agitated. The principal came by and told us Charlie was sitting on a bench by the cafeteria with his head down, same as he does at home in the brown chair.

We listened to the students sing 'The Rainbow Connection,' 'Candyman,' and "Singin' in the Rain' (that would have been Charlie's song). Charlie, on being asked if he'd like to go to the concert, had said no and we slipped out.

After Charlie got home, the note from his teacher said that he'd gotten in a good mood as soon as the concert was over and been in the best mood he'd been all week.

This spirit prevailed through a bike ride (including heavy-duty honking by drivers -- happens when you bike in city streets) and after a nap. Charlie and I went for a walk, he ate a little and typed a lot on his iPad to see videos. He went to his room and ran down the stairs a couple of times and was asleep before midnight.

Week-long stage fright?

There have been some five concerts at Charlie's school since he started there and he's participated in about half.

Not everyone's meant for the stage -- not that Charlie likes just to be a watcher in the audience.

As is known, he'd just rather be in motion on the road.






yes, the bike, the road, the motion...that's his place, he seems to be so at peace there. glad this event is over, maybe his mind can de-percolate, settle into a comfortable space. i played tuba when i was in high school; i would get so anxious before recitals that i would become physicall ill; very unpleasant; and it sounds like charlie really accrued some heavy anxiety. so, him...bike...motion; all is well now, thx for posting this.

Melanie Harper

Ya know, that's very true of "typical" kids, too. Some crave the spotlight, others prefer to watch, others prefer to be behind the scenes making stuff work for those on the stage. It's been nice to see the kiddos in my kid's class develop those parts of their unique personalities, just like their typical peers do. My kid (of course) is 100% ham, just like his parents :) He didn't want to give up the microphone at his class play this year. The best part is that the whole elementary school came to watch his K-5 self-contained class perform, and all the kids cheered wildly. Very heartwarming!

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