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Some letters from the Greek alphabet

Thursday morning I was going to write a short post about how well Charlie's and my last long Jim-less, no-bike-ride Wednesday turned out -- after an early dinner and a walk, I made cupcakes with Charlie showing puzzlement not to be making (as we have too often) brownies; his face then brightened when I said I'd set the timer on his iPad and 2 1/3 hours passed pleasantly with him running around and listening to music till Jim came home and Charlie, as ever, demanded he take off his shoes post-haste -- but after dropping Jim off at the train station and stopping at the grocery store, I made another batch of cupcakes because I wanted to give them time to cool off so I could frost them before Charlie came home from school.

Because, a few years ago, he had a brief obsession with eating pre-made vanilla frosting (resulting in, I'm quite sure, bad stomach distress).

Because, while I don't think every one of my students will want a cupcake, I like having enough plus extras (a Chinese thing) and, well, Jim (and maybe even, but probably not, Charlie) would want some too.

Charlie did sample an unfrosted yellow cake one Thursday morning. He'd gone to bed past 2.30 am on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and was asleep by 11.30 Wednesday night, only to wake at 4am, maybe from the sound of buckets of rain on the roof. It was very loud and maybe why I dreamed I was teaching people to recite Homeric hexameters, only to wake and find Charlie staring over me.

Thursday Charlie was, of course, glad for a bike ride. As it is early May, he is aware of his impending birthday and, accordingly, of my parents' visiting soon to celebrate;.I drew up a calendar to show Charlie when they are coming and he looked at it and initially took it to his room, then wanted me to take it out. We're now busily anticipating his anticipation, complete -- replete? -- with worry-in-the-gut.

Maybe all those thoughts of what's ahead are also keeping him from sleeping all this past week and not so much for the past couple of weeks: Yes, Charlie is having yet another post-midnight sleep-time tonight. 

(Certainly it is good that Friday is my last day of classes for this spring semester.)


Some letters and a few diacritical marks



Are those Greek letters on them? Or just random marks?

Kristina Chew

Greek letters (not in order, though)--

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