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23 June 2012


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Brenda (mamabegood)

I love your debunking. I love the collaboration between you and Jim. So glad you've found a passion for Charlie.


Just a thought about the ABA 'rules'....sometimes that 'science' is not the way to raise a human being...while a useful technology, it is an insufficient theory about human development.


That "functions an X year old thing" comes up so much on the news, especially if someone is missing or in need of help, that it's hard to fight against.

I think my favorite example (in the "laugh so you don't scream" kinda way) was the time my then-23-year-old brother (and, it should be noted, Patrick has a mustache and full beard and in no way appears younger than his age, though he very obviously has Down syndrome) was offered a kid's menu at a local restaurant.

JJ Autism

Thanks for clarifying a misconception people have. Charlie is most definitely a teenager in body and mind!

Kristina Chew

@Jennifer, I am still savoring the image of Patrickbeing given that child's menu. Even when more child-size, Charlie did not have a childlike appetite!


Heh. Nor does Patrick, although he's a very, very picky eater.

He was as flummoxed by the whole thing as I was; unfortunately we both tend to freeze when we're just completely dumbfounded, so I lost a valuable teaching moment.

Fortunately, it was an aberration. :-)

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