An Actual Stormy Adventure
In Golden Light Just Like the Stories Tell Of

Can't Sleep Guess Why

Wasn't surprised Charlie woke at 6.30am.

Or that he immediately requested a bike ride after a walk.

Or that he wanted lunch at 10.30am.

Or that he was eager, eager, eager to go to Jersey City to ride bikes such that, when I, in the way of moms wanting to throw one last thing into their bags just in case, took too long to hie myself into the white car, he cried. (He got over it; the ride was great on a day of perfect temperatures and beautiful sky scapes -- he is very tiny in the photo above.)

Or that he has been doing a lot of standing, staring at his feet, and making breathy whiish noises.

Or that it is past midnight and he is still awake. (Charlie did eventually sleep, an hour later.)

Back to (summer) school transition anticipation anxiety, right on schedule.



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