Weathering It
So (For Now) We Go No More to the Ocean

Done On His Own

It was 4am when, daily melatonin notwithstanding, I got Charlie to lie down on his bed on Friday morning and 7.30am when he got himself up to catch the bus. It was 10.45am when he woke, alert and ready to go, at school after much-needed sleep.


It was around 8.45pm, on a second evening walk after the requisite bike ride and a first walk that we detected a bit of a breeze and a draft of older air after a toasty 97 degree day.

These occasional all-nighters just seem the way of it with Charlie about once or twice a month. For the most part, taking melatonin daily around 8pm seems to be helping him to get into more of regular sleep pattern.

He was a bit weepy as Friday wore on, I am semi-sure because he was, obviously, tired. He is having a resurgence of interest in the Kinks and listened to them quite a bit while pacing and munching the occasional apple slice. Of course he needed to go to bed; we continue to abide by the reverse psychology principle and didn't encourage him to do so.

It was 9.30pm when Charlie did on his own: On his own is always better.




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