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Further Mysteries of the Universe

Do not ask me how, do not ask me why, Charlie should sleep for not even four hours and have a super great day at school, even doing some singing?

And a happy bike ride, and a pleasant walk featuring bouts of running.

One of these happened as a police car was coming up our street and a minute later it turned around and a policewoman called out the window, everything ok?

I said yes, things were good, aware that the sight of Charlie sprinting down the street while chortling with me running (in a dress) behind him probably looked like something besides the routine activity such is.

I added, we really appreciate your checking on us, because sometimes things are not so good.

Truth to tell.

The car drove off, we kept walking, Charlie ran the last bit up the driveway and once inside took off his shoes and sweatshirt, said,


He left the iPad on the living room floor, playing the six Disney songs he keeps turning on (a port in the storm of transitions and an imminent mom-trip?).

He went to bed, and he slept.




Have FUN on your quick trip!
Safe travels.


He's almost taller than your husband!

Kristina Chew

Jim still has an inch!

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