Sunrise, Sunset, and the Sun Always Rises

High Anxiety

Charlie was crying as he got dressed this morning. I was in the kitchen getting his lunchboxes ready and I saw that the bus had arrived and opened the door to signal we knew it was there.

Charlie came crying down the stairs, screamed and ran out the door, Jim after him. Charlie threw himself on the house of the yard across the street (the blue one seen often in my photos) and banged his head on the trunk of a tan car parked by the grass.

Charlie and Jim came inside and Charlie sat in his brown chair for 20 minutes and ate apple slices.

(Based on years of banging and biting, I've thought he has a need for deep pressure at these times and used to think, if only he could bite into an apple instead of the back of our hands. He doesn't understand biting into an apple (which would give a bigger 'sensory input') but the slices can be handed one by one and they provide just enough materiem to chomp down on.)

Charlie was ok and we all got in the car, with his iPad and a grey pair of sneakers that belong to my mom that he keeps beside him in the car, and drove him to school.

We exchanged nods with the other parents dropping off kids. Charlie went in peacefully.

Outside in the parking lot, a dad was telling a mom about his child running fast and can't-catch-him, as indicated by a motion he made with his arm. 

After Jim and I drove home, I knocked on the neighbor's door. They're getting an estimate for what is another butterscotch car.


Barbara @therextras

Thanking you again for showing a complete picture (as opposed to a single sensory lens).

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