Can't Sleep Guess Why
Weathering It

In Golden Light Just Like the Stories Tell Of

And so, just as depicted in the photo, Charlie stepped onto the school bus amid a shower of golden light...

Ok, well, not exactly, but you get the picture that all parties were pleased (including the bus driver, who is Charlie's usual bus driver, as he was waiting on the sidewalk ready to board instead of dragging himself out of bed at the last possible moment).

There were some tears and whimpers on an afternoon bike ride and, after two evening walks, while sitting on the beat-up blue couch watching a certain Barney video about colors and shapes (possibly the first Barney video Charlie ever watched).

On the bikes, Jim kept him moving; in our house, I offered steady-voiced, familiar words.

Charlie cheered up and after two days that were short on sleep, he was slumbering by 9.30pm


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