It was a swell school year
The Boy of Summer

It pays to be sick (sort of)

The school year ended on a happy note indeed with Charlie throwing a football with his teacher and student. For possible reasons of nostalgia? -- awareness that it was ten degrees warmer (and it will be even warmer Wednesday and Thursday) -- he wanted the speedy six miler in the opposite direction of the urbanesque 12 miler that he and Jim have benn doing, and also a trip to the grocery store that is out of the one kind of crackers he likes.

(I contacted the store a few weeks ago and was told there is a national outage of the crackers due to a search for a new supplier.)

Or, Charlie could have still been feeling the effects of the bad cold he must have had for the past week as evinced by his coughing, loud throat noises, requests for short bike rides, and us both getting it too. Actually, though watery eyed, completely congested and red- nosed (and really behind respomding to email and such) I am glad about the whole matter because it offers further understanding about Charlie banging his head twice on the same neighbor's car's trunk and his big behavior storm when I was at my cousin's wedding in California the Sunday before last. He most likely felt the cold, which he may have caught partially due to horrific stress due to my trip, brewing in him and that, even without Mom Elsewhere, can irk Charlie.

Also, I'd rather he get sick before me rather than the reverse, because then I worry he will catch what I have and try to stave it off and often that does not work!


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