It was a fine Father's Day
It pays to be sick (sort of)

It was a swell school year

These lunchboxes won't be in 'position' for a week as Tuesday is Charlie's last day of school -- a really great year in which he really got into the routine of taking this bus, no matter how late he went to sleep / whether or not he went to sleep. There are nine students in his class with three aides and a teacher: this past year, Charlie was no longer in the '1:1 student:teacher' ratio that had so characterized his education starting with the first ABA team we assembled for Charlie, when he was just 2 years old and some months in 1999.

He was very serious waiting in the front yard for Jim to return from the train. On a bike ride -- the full 12 mike deal -- he wanted to stop at his formerly favorite hamburger stand which was packed with bikers (of the other sort). He handled the noise and crowd, and his burger 'n' fries, well.

Then at home Charlie had a burst of wild energy announced by his turning on 'What's the Frequency, Kenneth?' and running the small circuit of our house exuberantly. A walk followed and Charlie went to bed, only to clomp down after thirty minutes and look at us expectantly. At almost 10pm, it was late to go outside and Jim counseled how he was going to have a really good school day Tuesday.

Back to bed went Charlie and to sleep.

Thank you to all who've made this such a memorable school year for Charlie, day in and day out, weary or bright eyed!


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