How do you represent time concepts in things? (an assignment for myself)
It was a fine Father's Day

Saturday at this time Charlie and I were walking (with a little update)

Gotta catch up to dad

Not one wink of sleep did Charlie get on Friday night. He was cheery for the most part and did his best to wait till 7 for a walk. It was lovely and coolish and we enjoyed it.

Then he fell asleep, first in the brown chair then on the blue couch till mid-morning.

He did the full 16 mile on the jersey horse country bike trail, cried for twenty minute in the car, held it together.

At home, he has still been refusing the longer bike ride and to go into the woods, which would take him and Jim outside our town.

By 9.30 pm Charlie had gone to bed after standing around with his shoes and sweatshirt on as if he wanted to go somewhere. By 10pm, he was most definitely asleep.

Update, 10.30am Sunday morning:: Still sleeping! Think we have all caught the same sore throat/cough thing -- a little stress does it.


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