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Stormy Portents

Around 9pm Charlie eyed me with the expectant look that says 'you being Mom you can read my mind.'

I wondered if I should start up the guessing game. You know, 'this or this.'

We had done our characteristic post-dinner walk. Of course, we had also (after Charlie woke at 9am) done our characteristic pre-breakfast walk and Jim and Charlie had clocked in 16 miles on the Jersey horse country bike trail after a tense start in which Charlie had gotten out of the white car, looked around, and run pell-mell down the bike path screaming.

Jim ran after him while I closed the car doors, made sure I had car keys wallet and cell phone and ran after them. Charlie had stopped and Jim held his hand and wordlessly we got down the bikes and got out the equipment: Must get Charlie in motion.

After some initial screams, Charlie and Jim -- even with some raindrops -- had a great ride.

Two more were to follow at home, though both had to be cut short due to portents of thunder.

The rain is definitely very welcome; it is part of a cold front ending the summer's first heat wave. Any change in the barometric always is felt deeply by Charlie, not that he knows why he feels storminess coming on.

Friday evening he did know he was worn from the day. After first saying 'walk,' Charlie said 'no socks' as I got up and then 'bedtime.'

It was the right call after a full day, a good day.


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