It pays to be sick (sort of)
Sneaky Mom

The Boy of Summer

On the first day of summer 2012, Charlie was up before 5am.

How else to fit in 3 walks and 2 bike rides for a total of 30 miles -- on the bike path in Jersey horse country and on his and Jim's original long local route taking them through five towns?

And in toasty 98 degree weather that is sticking around until the weekend.

We were able to persuade Charlie to take off his sweatshirt for the afternoon walk and the miles of bike riding but in the evening, understood his need for it even on the hottest day yet of the year.

Charlie ended his first day of vacation listening to certain songs on his iPad and pacing around with great intensity. Jim was reading on the big black couch in the living room and I was in the kitchen seemingly absorbed in scrubbing the stove -- but our attention, regardless of whatever is happening, goes first to him. After quite a bit of pounding walking and running, Charllie turned on a mellower Kinks song ('Taxman'), let go of the frenetic motion and announced he was going to bed, and did.


Brenda (mamabegood)

Thank goodness for bed.


Looks like Charlie knows how to beat a cold!

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